How Outdoor Advertising Can Strengthen Your Brand

Your brand leaves a lasting impression on consumers, and that impression can be enhanced with well-designed, high-quality outdoor signs. Lighted Outdoor  business signs are particularly effective at drawing attention and helping customers recall your products or services.

We design, permit, fabricate, install and even service these types of signage. They are perfect for various establishments and come in different styles.

Channel letters are one of the most effective ways to get your business noticed. They’re a popular choice for grocery stores, retailers, and restaurants that want to stand out in the crowd.

These eye-catching signs use 3D letters on the exterior of a building to spell out your company’s name or initials. They can also display a tagline or small message that can help attract customers.

There are four different types of channel letter signs: Front Lit, Reverse Lit, Back and Front Lit, and Double Lit. A Front Lit sign uses LEDs that light up each letter’s face, giving it a shiny front. Back Lit signs use neon lights that create a halo effect around each letter. A combination-lit sign is a mixture of both front and back lighting, so it can be used during both day and night.

A custom dimensional letter sign gives your business a unique look and helps it stand out from the competition. Using studs or pads, the letters are raised from the wall by a specified amount to make them highly visible.

The studs and pads can be glued to the surface of your building or wall or they can be installed inside pre-drilled holes in your sign. Using a stencil to ensure the proper positioning of your signs before mounting them, allows us to mount them quickly and accurately.

Metal dimensional signs are great for creating a modern and sophisticated look. They’re often used for appliance showrooms or even office buildings that want to convey a serious and polished company image. They can be made from fabricated aluminum, stainless steel, and even bronze.

Monument signs are free-standing outdoor signage crafted from durable materials that can stand up to the elements. They’re perfect for grabbing the attention of drivers and pedestrians, especially when located near busy entrances to businesses or streets. They can also be lighted for added visibility, making them the ideal choice for business locations that want 24/7 marketing.

These types of outdoor business signs are great for shopping centers, apartment complexes and any location that houses multiple businesses. They can be crafted from wood, brick or concrete for an elegant appearance or made with lightweight foam or plastic for a more modern look.

Illuminated monument signs are also energy-efficient, allowing them to work for your business 24 hours a day without adding any extra expenses. Sign installation professionals will make sure your illuminated monument sign is installed properly, following all government regulations.

Awnings are a great way to draw attention to your business and increase foot traffic. They can be used in residential and commercial settings to shade outdoor spaces like patios, porches and walkways. They are available in many colors and designs and can also be curved to fit the contours of your building.

Illuminated exterior signs are a great way to pique the interest of potential customers and help them remember your business in the future. These signs can be used to communicate a variety of important information about your business, including its location, hours of operation and specials.

These signs can be made of a number of different materials, from metal to fabric. Sunbrella fabrics are fade-resistant and come in a wide variety of solid and woven patterns. They can also be framed with aluminum to add durability and longevity to your sign.

The look of your building signage is the first impression a potential customer has of your business, and it can shape their opinion of your brand. Regardless of your location, you want your building signage to reflect the professionalism and personality of your brand while standing out from the crowd.

Upgrading your traditional message board sign with an LED digital one is a contemporary way to reach the people in your community. These types of signs are often used by businesses, schools, churches, and community centers, and can showcase messages about sales, safety, and events. Studies show that businesses who upgrade their signage with a message center see an increase in customers. These digital displays can also be updated remotely. They come in a variety of resolutions, or “pixel pitches,” which allow for flexibility as your needs change over time.

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